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Agniveer Airforce English Mock Test QnA

Agniveer Airforce English Mock Test QnA


Preparing for the Agniveer Airforce Exam requires a thorough understanding of the syllabus and regular practice with mock tests. In this blog, you will find Agniveer Airforce English Mock Test questions and answers from comprehensive resources to help you succeed.

Agniveer Airforce Syllabus

The Agniveer Airforce Syllabus covers a range of subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, and English. Mathematics involves topics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Physics covers mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and optics. The English section focuses on grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, and sentence formation.

Regular practice with mock tests is essential to excel in the English exam. We offer various English Exam Mock Tests designed to simulate the exam environment. These tests help you get familiar with the exam format, manage your time efficiently, and identify areas where you need improvement.

We provide detailed explanations and solutions for each mock test, enabling you to learn from your mistakes and improve your performance. Additionally, our platform offers tips and strategies to tackle each section of the exam effectively.

Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Preparation Question and Answer

Q. Which of the following is a noun form of the verb “run”?
a) Running b) Runs c) Runner d) Runny
Answer: c) Runner

Q. Identify the preposition in the following sentence: “The book is on the table.”
a) The b) Is c) On d) Table
Answer: c) On

Q. Which of the following is a determiner?
a) Jumping b) The c) Quickly d) Run
Answer: b) The

Q. Select the pronoun in the sentence: “She is my best friend.”
a) She b) Is c) My d) Best
Answer: a) She

Q. Identify the conjunction in the sentence: “He wants to study, but he is tired.”
a) Wants b) To c) Study d) But
Answer: d) But

Q. Which of the following is an adverb?
a) Apple b) Beautiful c) Quickly d) Run
Answer: c) Quickly

Q. Choose the modal verb in the sentence: “You should call your parents.”
a) You b) Should c) Call d) Parents
Answer: b) Should

Q. Identify the noun clause in the sentence: “I don’t know where he lives.”
a) I don’t know b) Where c) He lives d) Lives
Answer: c) He lives

Q. What is the subject-verb concord error in the following sentence? “The dogs barks loudly.”
a) Dogs barks b) Barks loudly c) The dogs d) Loudly
Answer: a) Dogs barks


Q. Which verb form is incorrect in the sentence? “He goed to the store.”
a) He b) Goed c) To d) The
Answer: b) Goed

Q. Transform the sentence into a negative form: “She sings beautifully.”
a) She does not sing beautifully.
b) She not sings beautifully.
c) She beautifully not sings.
d) She sings not beautifully.
Answer: a) She does not sing beautifully.

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Q. Transform the sentence into a complex sentence: “The students studied for the test and they passed.”
a) The students studied for the test and passed.
b) The students studied for the test but failed.
c) After the students studied for the test, they passed.
d) The students studied for the test and will pass.
Answer: b) He went to the store, and he bought some groceries.

Choose the correct one-word substitution for “a person who writes with the left hand.”
a) Ambidextrous b) Dextrous c) Sinister d) Left-handed
Answer: d) Left-handed

Q. Choose the synonym for “fortunate.”
a) Unlucky b) Lucky c) Sad d) Grateful
Answer: b) Lucky

Q. Choose the antonym for “brave.”
a) Fearless b) Cowardly c) Valiant d) Bold
Answer: b) Cowardly

Q. Identify the spelling error in the word:
a) Mispell b) Error c) Spelling d) Word
Answer: a) Mispell

Q. Choose the correct idiom or phrase for the given sentence: “I’m feeling under the weather.”
a) It’s raining cats and dogs.
b) The ball is in your court.
c) Break a leg!
d) I’m not feeling well.
Answer: d) I’m not feeling well.

Q. Which of the following is a relative clause?
a) I want to go home.
b) The man who was wearing a hat.
c) She likes ice cream.
d) They are playing in the park.
Answer: b) The man who was wearing a hat.

Q. Select the noun from the given options:
a) Softly b) Beautifully c) Happiness d) Sleeping
Answer: c) Happiness

Q. Identify the adverb in the sentence: “She carefully opened the door.”
a) She b) Carefully c) Opened d) Door
Answer: b) Carefully


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